Evolution of Voltage Control

The Technology

iVolts are solid state equipment that operate without any moving mechanical parts. The incoming voltage is autotapped via thyristors and transformers towards a voltage level suitable for your site needs.

An Intelligent Real Time data storage and monitoring system provides iVolt users with the capacity to monitor energy consumption levels for the whole site, throughout the year, via a web-based portal.

iVolts also have a built in automatic bypass system. In the unlikely event of a system failure, the unit goes into bypass mode. Therefore site operations of a user will not be affected. In most circumstances, the iVolt is also able to recover and get back into operation automatically. Should this automatic recovery not be possible, pre-registered personnel will receive an email or SMS sent by the iVolt.

Placement of equipment

The equipment is placed between the meter and the distribution board. Hence only 1 iVolt is needed per site.