Voltage Optimization is the process of controlling the electricity inflow to your factory. When done properly, you will experience 8% to 20% cost reductions in electrical consumption.


This is an established technology that has gained widespread use in UK and Europe. The Carbon Trust, a British company funded by the UK government for the purpose of developing a low carbon economy, endorses Voltage Optimization as a means to streamline electrical consumption.

Enerprof is proud to be exclusive distributors of iVolt.

iVolt Ltd. is a wholly-owned division of the Sollatek Group, one of the world’s foremost makers of specialist products to protect electrical and electronic equipment.

Founded in the UK in 1983, Sollatek has grown rapidly to become a truly global company, with offices in 14 countries and an active distribution network in 24 more.

The iVolt® is designed in the UK and built in Sollatek’s own factories to ISO9001 standards.