Food accounts for a significant portion of the waste sent to Pulau Semakau, the only landfill in Singapore. This offshore landfill has limited capacity and will be full in the near future. We need to undertake innovative measures to deal with our waste.

The BioHiTech Eco-Safe Digester is an on-site technology utilizing mechanical and biological treatments to convert food waste into a liquid that is safely discharged to standard sewers. During the process, the digester weighs each increment of waste, allows users to quantify its type and origin simultaneously transmitting, in real-time, data to the BioHiTech Cloud.

BioHiTech is the leading provider of an innovative technology designed to solve the increasingly relevant issue of food waste disposal and its subsequent affect on our planet. Enerprof has partnered BioHiTech to be exclusive distributors in South East Asia