About Us

Enerprof belongs to a group of companies mainly involved in the construction sector since 1985. A decision was made to diversify away from construction and into cleantech equipment thus Enerprof was incorporated for this very purpose.

Enerprof benefits from the technical expertise and experience of the group. We have the competent manpower and necessary resources to be a solutions provider for clients who wish to reduce their overhead costs and carbon footprint.

We are constantly on the lookout for the latest solutions to develop and bring into Singapore and South East Asia. We focus on standalone modular equipment that translates to ease of installation and minimal disruptions to your daily operations.

Enerprof believes that every business, regardless of size, has a responsibility towards the overarching ecosystem they operate in. Environmental sustainability and business continuity go in tandem therefore the solutions that we provide address both concerns at the same time.

We are now focused on waste management solutions, specifically targeting waste streams with low recycling rates such as food waste. As a member of Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS), Enerprof taps into the myriad of expertise that the members have. We are well positioned to integrate our products and services together with those of our peers to help you plan, manage, and execute a comprehensive waste management solution.

Our Vision

To help businesses in South East Asia achieve cost savings and carbon footprint reductions via the usage of environmentally friendly technologies.

Our Mission

  • Adhere to the highest safety standards
  • Deliver innovative solutions with maximum cost savings
  • Prioritize needs of clients